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Immune checkpoint inhibitor-induced diabetes

Free for a limited time Other Specific Types of Diabetes Review

ICIs have advanced cancer treatment but can trigger immune-related adverse events. Explore the pathogenesis, progression, and treatment strategies for ICI-induced diabetes.

Early menopause increases lung disease risk

Menopause before the age of 45 years increases the risk for lung morbidities and mortality in women, regardless of smoking status and whether menopause is natural or medical.

Acupuncture reduces side effects of breast cancer treatment

10-07-2024 Breast Cancer News

Acupuncture could help ease hot flashes and other endocrine symptoms in women undergoing endocrine therapy for breast cancer.

Early detection in children predisposed to cancer

Standardized surveillance protocols aid the early detection of tumors in children and young adults with a cancer predisposition syndrome.

Managing kidney injury caused by multiple myeloma

Free for a limited time Multiple Myeloma Review

Up to half of patients with multiple myeloma can have renal injury at initial diagnosis. What are the underlying mechanisms, diagnostic approaches, and treatment strategies?

Cardiometabolic risks in cancer survivorship

Open Access Circulatory Disease Review

Patients can face many cardiometabolic challenges after cancer. Understand the impact of demographic variables, specific cancer types, and treatment modalities on cardiometabolic health in cancer survivors.

Health disparities highlighted for LGBTQ+ cancer survivors

03-07-2024 Oncology News

LGBTQ+ cancer survivors are more likely than their non-LGBTQ+ counterparts to experience a greater burden of chronic health conditions, disabilities, and limitations.

A novel side effect of ICI treatment

The first report of thoracic lymphangitis as an immune-related adverse event in a patient receiving adjuvant ICI treatment for lung cancer.

Advances in the management of mCRPC

Open Access Prostate Cancer Review

What are the latest advances in the ever-expanding list of treatment options for metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer? And how can you best integrate these agents into your clinical practice?

Unprovoked VTE revealing lung cancer

Open Access Venous Thrombosis Case Study

A case emphasizing the importance of occult cancer screening in patients with unprovoked venous thromboembolism, especially those with risk factors.

Glucocorticoid therapy in ALL

Glucocorticoids are a mainstay in the treatment of acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Understanding how to navigate short- and long-term effects and optimize regimens is crucial for continued treatment success.

APOLLO supports ATRA–ATO for high-risk APL

First-line treatment of high-risk acute promyelocytic leukemia with ATRA–ATO significantly improves event-free survival relative to standard treatment.

Novel therapies for anaplastic thyroid cancer

Genetic instability is a hallmark of anaplastic thyroid cancer. Find out more about the genomic and immune therapy options for recurrent or metastatic disease.

Phoenix Sepsis Score assesses infection risk in pediatric cancer

20-06-2024 Pediatric Cancer News

The Phoenix Sepsis Score accurately predicts definitely attributable mortality in children undergoing cancer treatment who have a suspected infection.

Preoperative immunotherapy promising in mesothelioma

Open Access Pleural Mesothelioma Case Study

A patient with advanced pleural mesothelioma experienced dramatic tumor shrinkage after neoadjuvant checkpoint inhibitor therapy, and was able to successfully undergo surgery.

Managing the side effects of BRAF and MEK inhibitors

BRAF and MEK inhibitors represent a significant advance in the treatment of BRAF-mutated malignancies, but they come with unique toxicity profiles that require vigilant monitoring and management.

A challenging case of CAP

Open Access Community-Acquired Pneumonia Case Study

A woman presenting with community-acquired pneumonia developed several serious complications, likely due to co-existence of poorly controlled diabetes and a late diagnosis of thyroid cancer.

Diabesity, stress, and cancer risk

Open Access Diabetes Review

Explore the relationship between emotional wellbeing, metabolic health, and the risk of developing cancer. Learn how stress may worsen the increased cancer risk in people with diabetes, obesity, or both.

DREAMM-8 supports use of novel ADC in multiple myeloma

12-06-2024 Multiple Myeloma News

A combination incorporating the antibody–drug conjugate belantamab mafodotin significantly improves the outcomes of people with relapsed or refractory multiple myeloma.

Misdiagnosis of MMNST of the cervical spinal cord

Open Access Spinal Tumor Case Study

Malignant melanotic nerve sheath tumors are rare and highly aggressive. In this case MMNST was misdiagnosed as a benign vascular malformation, then recurred 7 months after resection.