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Editor's Choice

Short oral regimens noninferior to standard care for rifampicin-resistant tuberculosis

01-12-2023 Tuberculosis News

Short oral regimens are noninferior to standard care in patients with pulmonary rifampicin-resistant tuberculosis.

Cauda equina syndrome caused by secondary CNS lymphoma

Open Access Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma Case Study

Although cauda equina syndrome in the context of secondary central nervous system lymphoma is a rare occurrence, it should be considered in at-risk patients, especially those presenting with abnormal neurological findings.

Causes of chronic limping in childhood

Open Access Pediatric Rheumatology Case Study

Limping is common in children and adolescents, and is most likely due to juvenile idiopathic arthritis in patients with no previous trauma. This case series explores rare conditions that can mimic JIA.

Management of elevated BP in older adults

What is the most appropriate way to manage elevated blood pressure in older adults in the emergency department? This review outlines best practice, including the management of hypertensive crisis.

Overcoming clinical inertia in type 2 diabetes (Link opens in a new window)

Join Melanie Davies, Francesc Xavier Cos and Paola Fioretto for this CME-accredited, on-demand webcast as they address the causes of clinical inertia and look at strategies to overcome and avoid it, featuring scenarios based on real-life patients.

Supported by:
  • Lilly

Improving PBC outcomes by prioritizing patient’s needs (Link opens in a new window)

Gastroenterology Independent Medical Education

Expert insights, latest news and cutting-edge data reported from The Liver Meeting, Boston covering PBC treatment to arm HCPs with the latest information to optimize patients’ outcomes.

Supported by:
  • Ipsen

Precision medicine advances in thyroid cancer: eLearning modules (Link opens in a new window)

Thyroid Cancer Independent Medical Education

New and interactive patient-based cases covering RAI-refractory differentiated thyroid cancer and advanced medullary thyroid cancer, with expert guidance to help you choose a systemic therapy based on the results of molecular tests.

Supported by:
  • Lilly

Case-Based Insights: Oncology and Hematology

Refresh your knowledge in Oncology and Hematology: 

  • 45 clinical cases across different topics with relevant clinical images
  • Written by renowned experts 
  • Knowledge-check questions with answers

Latest Open Access Reviews

Paediatric eye and vision research participation experiences: a systematic review

Open Access Review

Clinical research will improve the healthcare we are able to deliver [ 1 ]. Ethically robust paediatric clinical studies work in partnership with children, young people and their families to weigh concerns about childhood vulnerability and their …

A systematic review of OCT and OCT angiography in retinal vasculitis

Open Access Vasculitis Review

Retinal vasculitis is one of the presentations of posterior uveitis [ 1 ]. The causes of retinal vasculitis are heterogenous ranging from infections such as tuberculosis [ 2 ] to systemic inflammatory diseases such as Behcet’s disease, systemic …

Endoplasmic reticulum stress mediates the myeloid-derived immune suppression associated with cancer and infectious disease

Open Access Tuberculosis Review

Myeloid-derived suppressor cells (MDSCs), which are immature heterogeneous bone marrow cells, have been described as potent immune regulators in human and murine cancer models. The distribution of MDSCs varies across organs and is divided into …

Evaluation, management and future perspectives of anal pruritus: a narrative review

Open Access Pruritus Review

Anal pruritus is defined as a condition characterized by itching around the perianal region. It affects around 1–5% of the general adult population, and it is four times more common in men than women [ 1 ]. Although, not life threatening, when long …

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