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About Springer Medicine

Better-informed doctors make better decisions. Which is why have launched Springer Medicine, a pan-European, English-language, medical education platform. Our mission is to educate doctors on the latest clinical advances, so you can offer your patients the best possible care. 

Building on Springer Nature’s reputation as a guardian of scientific knowledge and thought-leadership, using our comprehensive wealth of clinical content and established relationships with international experts, Springer Medicine is committed to empowering you with the knowledge you need for your patients. 

Those who dedicate themselves to medicine opt for lifelong learning

We are in an overwhelming period of knowledge creation. For doctors, continuing medical education is vital to good practice - not only staying up to date with scientific advances but also questioning the theories of before. Doctors take many years to update their practices according to new evidence; at Springer Medicine, we help healthcare professionals like you to continually and efficiently study, so you are able to easily change your practice according to the latest knowledge and guidance. Such lifelong learning is crucial for dedicated experts like doctors - we know you constantly strive to educate yourselves in order to provide your patients with the best possible care, and we’re here to support you.

We help doctors deliver the most up-to-date patient care 

© Springer Medizin GmbHSpringer Medicine supports doctors in their ongoing quest for optimal patient care. As established experts in medical education, we deliver the latest evidence on new therapies, practice guidelines and news in easily digestible formats, to keep you effortlessly up to date.   

Our editorial teams identify the most critical information that you need to know

© Springer Medizin Verlag GmbH

Our experienced editorial team specializes in filtering the most critical updates from an overwhelming mass of information. Based on reliable and independent sources, our teams deliver priority content in an accessible format to deliver the highest added value for doctors. Springer Medicine provides bite-size digital summaries of major clinical developments, full-text articles from renowned journals, top-class webinars and podcasts with international experts, rolling news coverage, and expert reporting from key international congresses. All this content is delivered directly to busy healthcare professionals through editorially-curated, subject-specific newsletters tailored to your practice.  

Dr. Jane Godsland © Jane Godsland

The Springer Medicine editorial team, led by Dr. Jane Godsland, acts independently and transparently.

With nearly two decades of experience leading clinical journals at The Lancet and Springer Nature, Jane and her are perfectly positioned to drive Springer Medicine’s delivery of cutting-edge, practice-changing medical education to busy clinicians. Content is chosen from more than 500 trusted clinical journals published by Springer Nature, including many open access titles, meaning you can be completely confident in the reliability of the content. The platform offers a broad range of continuing medical education programs, and news and highlights from international congresses, in partnership with international medical societies.  

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Our content improves clinical care

We are successfully empowering doctors like you to improve their clinical care. Knowledge acquired through our educational content is shown to positively affect doctors’ practice. More than half of physicians participating in one of our certified digital learning programs reported gaining valuable new clinical insight and modifying their treatment practice as a result.© Springer Medizin GmbH

Springer Medicine - a platform within Springer Nature's new Health Group

Springer Medicine is operationally run by Springer Medizin Verlag as a joint initiative of the medical brands under the umbrella of the Springer Nature Group. In addition to Springer Medizin, the Springer Nature Health Group includes premium brands such as Springer Healthcare and Bohn Stafleu Van Loghum (BSL). Springer Medicine is also the new home of Springer Healthcare's specialist information platform "Medicine Matters".

Be confident that your patient care is up to date

© Springer Medizin GmbHBetter-informed doctors make better decisions. Register now to receive receive our tailored medical education content.

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