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Keynote webinar | Spotlight on sleep in brain health

LIVE: Thursday 2nd May 2024, 18:00-19:30 (CEST)

Quality sleep is essential for health. But how does sleep protect our brains and what happens when sleep patterns are disturbed? 

Sleep disruption can occur many years before neurological diseases are detected and can accelerate disease progression. Experts will explore the signs of sleep disruption that you are most likely to see when treating neurological diseases, and the questions that you need to be asking your patients to help you prevent the harmful effects of sleep deprivation.

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About this webinar


The importance of sleep for brain health
Dr. Rolf Fronczek 

Sleep in neurological diseases 
Dr. Sven Rupprecht 

Combatting the detrimental effects of sleep deprivation
Dr. Renata Riha

Panel discussion with experts


Dr. Rolf Fronczek 
Neurologist and Somnologist, Leiden University Medical Centre, the Netherlands 

Dr. Sven Rupprecht
Neurologist and Somnologist, Jena University Hospital, Germany

Dr. Renata Riha 
Consultant in Sleep and Respiratory Medicine, Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Learning objectives

After participating in this program, learners will be able to apply the following in their care of patients with neurological diseases:

  • Appreciation of the neuroprotective mechanisms of sleep and neurological consequences of sleep deprivation
  • Understanding of the bidirectional relationship between neurological diseases and sleep 
  • Knowledge of how to assess patients for and manage disturbed sleep

Faculty information

Dr. Rolf Fronczek

Dr. Rolf Fronczek is a Neurologist and Somnologist at Leiden University Medical Centre and at the Sleep-Wake Centre SEIN, the Netherlands

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Dr. Sven Rupprecht

Dr. Sven Rupprecht is a Neurologist and Somnologist at Jena University Hospital, Germany

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Dr. Renata Riha

Dr. Renata Riha is a Consultant in Sleep and Respiratory Medicine at Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, and an Honorary Reader at the University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom

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Dr. Jane Godsland

Clinical Director, Springer Medicine, Springer Healthcare, London, United Kingdom


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Katrina Brown

Senior Clinical Content Manager, Springer Healthcare, London, United Kingdom


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