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An entertaining and informative podcast on all matters in medicine. Keeping practicing doctors informed of key clinical developments, discussing controversial issues in medicine, and helping doctors be sure that their patient care is up to date.

Introducing the Medicine Matters podcast

Medicine Matters is a pan-specialty podcast for doctors, that discusses the most exciting, controversial, and practice-changing topics across medical practice as a whole. In our episodes, we’ll be talking to leading clinical experts, to researchers and funding institutes, and to industry partners about the well-known and perhaps the lesser-known issues affecting doctors in their clinics. We’ll be looking at everything from new drug approvals to social issues affecting medicine, and we’ll be challenging some of the status quo along the way.

In a special "episode 0" Dr. Jane Godsland & Dr. Erik Heintz discuss the vision for Springer Medicine and offer some teasers for what's to come. 

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