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Episode 10: Disease-modifying therapy for type 1 diabetes

Reducing the burden of type 1 diabetes

Despite many recent advances in its management, type 1 diabetes remains a burden for those living with the condition.

Prof. Chantal Mathieu explains the progress being made with disease-modifying therapy for type 1 diabetes and how it has the potential to transform the current treatment landscape.

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Episode 0: Introducing Medicine Matters

In this episode, Dr. Jane Godsland & Dr. Erik Heintz introduce the new platform and podcast. 

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Episode 1: From Gray's to Google

We talk to Dr. Nathalie van Havre and Dr. Elsbeth Headley about ongoing medical education in the digital age. 

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Episode 2: Progress in PARP inhibitors

In this episode, Dr. Elena Castro takes us through the latest evidence for PARP inhibitors and their combinations in this setting.

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Episode 3: Unravelling resistant hypertension

In this episode, Professors Morris Brown and Bryan Williams debate the causes of resistant hypertension and explore novel treatment options. 

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Episode 4: Stem cell therapy for PD

Prof. Malin Parmar explains why stem cell therapy is such a good option for patients with Parkinson’s disease and how its safety is being tested in the STEM-PD trial.

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Episode 5: Next-generation sequencing in cancer

Professor Andrew Beggs discusses best practice in the use of next-generational sequencing within thyroid and non-small cell lung cancers

Supported by: Illumina, Inc., and Eli Lilly and Company

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Episode 6: OCT for coronary imaging

Drs Niels Holm and Lene Andreasen bring us up to speed with the latest evidence, and explore whether we should expect to see this technology in use in our clinics in the future.

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Episode 7: A deep dive into ADAURA

A conversation with Dr. Luis Paz-Ares about the key questions raised by the ADAURA trial of adjuvant osimertinib in early-stage NSCLC.

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Episode 8: AI in stroke

Prof. Susanne Wegener discusses her team’s work to develop deep learning models that outperform neurologists in predicting patients’ clinical outcomes after stroke.

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Episode 9: The gut microbiome and CAR T-cell therapy

Prof. Marion Subklewe explores the interplay between the gut microbiota and the efficacy and safety of CAR T-cell therapy in people with hematologic malignancies.

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Using CGM to optimize type 2 diabetes management with non-intensive insulin treatment in primary care

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