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Minimally invasive surfactant therapy offers no 2-year survival or cognitive benefit for preterm infants on continuous positive airway pressure but may improve respiratory outcomes.

Recent technological advancements have introduced multiple modalities of artificial intelligence to the study of sarcoidosis, with machine learning, deep learning, and radiomics showing promise in diagnosing and prognosticating.

Central nervous system radiotoxicity remains a challenge in neuro-oncology. This review explores the role of proton therapy in reducing such toxicities in adult patients receiving CNS-directed radiotherapy.

Sjögren’s syndrome, an uncommon autoimmune disease in children, has rarely been reported with kidney involvement during childhood. In this case, Sjögren’s syndrome was revealed by polyuria-polydipsia syndrome in a 10-year-old boy.

Case-Based Insights: Oncology and Hematology

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