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08-01-2024 | Diabetes Therapy | Podcast | Article | Abbott Diabetes Care

Using CGM to optimize type 2 diabetes management with non-intensive insulin treatment in primary care

Author: Prof. Samuel Seidu

Prof. Samuel Seidu
Charley Lai

Seidu, S. A Podcast on the Use of CGM in Optimizing Type 2 Diabetes Management with Non-intensive Insulin Treatment in the Primary Care Setting. Diabetes Ther (2024).

With the growing importance of primary care in diabetes, this podcast provides an overview on the use of continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) in the management of type 2 diabetes with non-intensive insulin treatment in the primary care setting. The podcast will include a discussion on the evidence for CGM use, the role of primary healthcare in empowering patients in their diabetes management, and some practical tips for primary HCPs to interpret the ambulatory glucose profile report (AGP).

Funding disclaimer

This podcast has been developed through educational funding from Abbott Diabetes Care. The author was selected by the journal, and the content of the podcast was developed independently by the author and the journal’s Managing Editor. The journal’s Rapid Service Fee was also funded by educational funding from Abbott Diabetes Care.


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Author contributions

The author conceived and wrote the talking points for this podcast.


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