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09-05-2024 | Splenectomy | Image of the Month

Sinus Formation and Subsequent Bleeding After Splenectomy

Authors: Zewen Xu, Di Chen, Na Liu

Published in: Digestive Diseases and Sciences

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A 47-year-old male patient was admitted to the gastroenterology ward with a 3-day history of melena. The physical examination revealed no symptoms of peritonitis, such as abdominal pain or fever. Abdominal CT demonstrated a high-density shadow in the greater curvature of the stomach (Fig. 1A). Subsequent endoscopic evaluation identified a sinus in the greater curvature of the upper gastric body, from which blood flowed and bubbles were visible after repeated irrigation (Fig. 1B). The patient later stated that he had a splenectomy plus portal vein disconnection more than one year ago.
Sinus Formation and Subsequent Bleeding After Splenectomy
Zewen Xu
Di Chen
Na Liu
Publication date
Springer US
Published in
Digestive Diseases and Sciences
Print ISSN: 0163-2116
Electronic ISSN: 1573-2568
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