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Keynote webinar | Spotlight on antibody–drug conjugates in cancer

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Antibody–drug conjugates (ADCs) are novel agents that have shown promise across multiple tumor types.

This live webinar will inform and educate the audience on the mechanism of action of ADCs as well as the key efficacy and safety data from clinical trials in the breast and lung cancer settings. The experts will also explore current challenges and future directions, such as combining ADCs with other agents.

An on-demand version of this webinar will be made available shortly. 

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This webinar was broadcast live on Monday 19th February 2024.
An on-demand version will be made available soon. 

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About this webinar


An introduction to ADCs for the oncologist

Efficacy and safety of ADCs in breast cancer

Efficacy and safety of ADCs in lung cancer

Panel discussion on treatment challenges and future directions


Dr. Véronique Diéras 
Head, Breast Cancer Group, Centre Eugène Marquis, Rennes, France

Prof. Fabrice Barlesi 
Chief Executive Officer, Gustave Roussy, Villejuif, France

Learning objectives

After this webinar, participants will have an understanding of:

  • The mechanism of action of ADCs
  • The latest efficacy data for key ADCs in breast and lung cancer
  • The unique side effects of these agents, and how best to manage them

Faculty information and disclosures

Dr. Véronique Diéras

Head, Breast Cancer Group, Centre Eugène Marquis, Rennes, France

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  • Travel expenses: Roche, Novartis, Pfizer, Lilly, AstraZeneca, Daiichi Sankyo
  • Honoraria - Consultancy/Advisory boards: Roche/Genentech, Novartis, Lilly, Pfizer, AstraZeneca, AbbVie, MSD, Daiichi Sankyo, Seattle Genetics, Gilead, Eisai, Pierre Fabre Oncologie
  • Honoraria - Symposia: Roche, Novartis, Pfizer, Lilly, AstraZeneca, Daiichi Sankyo

Prof. Fabrice Barlesi

Chief Executive Officer, Gustave Roussy, Villejuif, France

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  • Personal financial interests: None (since August 2021)
  • Institutional financial interests: Abbvie, ACEA, Amgen, Astra-Zeneca, Bayer, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Boehringer–Ingelheim, Eisai, Eli Lilly Oncology, F. Hoffmann–La Roche Ltd, Genentech, Ipsen, Ignyta, Innate Pharma, Loxo, Novartis, Medimmune, Merck, MSD, Pierre Fabre, Pfizer, Sanofi-Aventis and Takeda
  • Non-financial interests: Principal Investigator for Astra-Zeneca, BMS, Innate Pharma, Merck, Mirati, Pierre Fabre and F. Hoffmann-La Roche, Ltd, sponsored trials (or ISR)


Dr. Shreeya Nanda

Senior Clinical Content Manager, Springer Medicine, Springer Healthcare, London, United Kingdom 


  • No disclosure to declare

Dr. Jane Godsland

Clinical Director, Springer Medicine, Springer Healthcare, London, United Kingdom


  • No disclosure to declare
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