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Published in: HSS Journal ® 2/2020

01-07-2020 | Current Concepts in Spinal Fusion/Editorial

The Advances in the Science and Clinical Practice of Spinal Fusion Are Real

Author: Charles N. Cornell, MD

Published in: HSS Journal ® | Issue 2/2020

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Welcome to volume 16, issue 2 of HSS Journal®. This special issue addresses recent advances in the science and clinical practice of spinal fusion. The incidence of surgical treatment of spinal disorders has been rising over the past decade, and although the increase in spinal procedures performed in ambulatory centers has made it difficult to document the exact incidence, it is estimated that nearly 500,000 spinal fusion procedures were performed in the USA in 2011, more than twice the number performed in 1998. In addition, despite a rise in the average age of patients undergoing these procedures, the length of hospital stay has shortened since 1998 (although the associated costs have risen dramatically, due mostly to orthobiologics and instrumentation). …
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The Advances in the Science and Clinical Practice of Spinal Fusion Are Real
Charles N. Cornell, MD
Publication date
Springer US
Published in
HSS Journal ® / Issue 2/2020
Print ISSN: 1556-3316
Electronic ISSN: 1556-3324

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