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Open Access 25-04-2024 | Parkinson's Disease | Neurology and Preclinical Neurological Studies - Original Article

Altered domain-specific striatal functional connectivity in patients with Parkinson’s disease and urinary symptoms

Authors: Noemi Piramide, Rosa De Micco, Federica Di Nardo, Giuseppina Caiazzo, Mattia Siciliano, Mario Cirillo, Antonio Russo, Gioacchino Tedeschi, Fabrizio Esposito, Alessandro Tessitore

Published in: Journal of Neural Transmission

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In this study, we aimed at investigating the possible association of urinary symptoms with whole-brain MRI resting-state functional connectivity (FC) alterations from distinct striatal subregions in a large cohort of early PD patients.


Seventy-nine drug-naive PD patients (45 PD-urinary+/34 PD-urinary) and 38 healthy controls (HCs) were consecutively enrolled. Presence/absence of urinary symptoms were assessed by means of the Nonmotor Symptom Scale - domain 7. Using an a priori connectivity-based domain-specific parcellation, we defined three ROIs (per each hemisphere) for different striatal functional subregions (sensorimotor, limbic and cognitive) from which seed-based FC voxel-wise analyses were conducted over the whole brain.


Compared to PD-urinary, PD-urinary+ patients showed increased FC between striatal regions and motor and premotor/supplementary motor areas as well as insula/anterior dorsolateral PFC. Compared to HC, PD-urinary+ patients presented decreased FC between striatal regions and parietal, insular and cingulate cortices.


Our findings revealed a specific pattern of striatal FC alteration in PD patients with urinary symptoms, potentially associated to altered stimuli perception and sensorimotor integration even in the early stages. These results may potentially help clinicians to design more effective and tailored rehabilitation and neuromodulation protocols for PD patients.
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Altered domain-specific striatal functional connectivity in patients with Parkinson’s disease and urinary symptoms
Noemi Piramide
Rosa De Micco
Federica Di Nardo
Giuseppina Caiazzo
Mattia Siciliano
Mario Cirillo
Antonio Russo
Gioacchino Tedeschi
Fabrizio Esposito
Alessandro Tessitore
Publication date
Springer Vienna
Published in
Journal of Neural Transmission
Print ISSN: 0300-9564
Electronic ISSN: 1435-1463