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Journal of Medical Systems

Issue 6/2022

Content (16 Articles)

Clinical Systems

A Mobile App for the Precise Measurement of Healthcare Provider Activity Times to Support Time-Driven Activity Based Costing Studies

Kyle J. Kellett, Ricardo Bertoglio Cardoso, Ana Paula Beck da Silva Etges, Mitchell H. Tsai, Brian M. Waldschmidt

Telemedicine Education & Training

A Comparative Utility Score for Digital Health Tools

Joshua C. Burton, Samantha Regala, Deonte Williams, Aditi Desai, Han He, Oliver Aalami, Edward R. Mariano, Randall S. Stafford, Seshadri C. Mudumbai

Health Policy

All Patient Refined-Diagnosis Related Groups’ (APR-DRGs) Severity of Illness and Risk of Mortality as predictors of in-hospital mortality

João Vasco Santos, João Viana, Carla Pinto, Júlio Souza, Fernando Lopes, Alberto Freitas, Sílvia Lopes

Nosocomial Infection Image & Signal Processing

A System for Computational Assessment of Hand Hygiene Techniques

Chaofan Wang, Weiwei Jiang, Kangning Yang, Zhanna Sarsenbayeva, Benjamin Tag, Tilman Dingler, Jorge Goncalves, Vassilis Kostakos

Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease Implementation Science & Operations Management

Preoperative respiratory intervention eliminated the operation cancelations of lobectomy surgery

Eriho Yamaguchi, Yasushi Obase, Susumu Fukahori, Jun Iriki, Tetsuya Kawano, Noriho Sakamoto, Ryoichiro Doi, Keitaro Matsumoto, Tomoshi Tsuchiya, Chizu Fukushima, Takehiro Matsumoto, Takeshi Nagayasu, Hiroshi Mukae

Implementation Science & Operations Management

Optimizing the Medication Distribution Process for Inpatient Units

Anna Camille Svirsko, Bryan A. Norman, Seth Hostetler, Dean Parry B. Pharm

Care Implementation Science & Operations Management

The Flexible Care Pathway: An Alternative Paradigm for Post-Operative Care

Sydney L. Payne, Lyly Nguyen, Ashkan Afshari, Brian C. Drolet

Patient Facing Systems

Memory-memory (M2) Authentication

Uri Kartoun

Retraction Note

Retraction Note: Maintaining Security and Privacy in Health Care System Using Learning Based Deep-Q-networks

P. Mohamed Shakeel, S. Baskar, V. R. Sarma Dhulipala, Sukumar Mishra, Mustafa Musa Jaber

Retraction Note

Retraction Note: Internet of Things for Knowledge Administrations By Wearable Gadgets

Sivakumar Krishnan, S. Lokesh, M. Ramya Devi