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Journal of Family Violence

Issue 7/2022

Content (15 Articles)

Open Access Original Article

Informal Supporters of Elder Abuse Victims: Who Are They and What Is Their Experience Seeking Help?

Silvia Fraga Dominguez, Jennifer E. Storey, Emily Glorney

Open Access COVID-19 Original Article

Elder Mistreatment Victims during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Administrative Data from San Francisco Adult Protective Services

Pi-Ju Liu, Aining Wang, Laura M. Schwab-Reese, Sara K. Stratton

Child Maltreatment Original Article

Domestic Violence Alleged in California Child Maltreatment Reports During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Rebecca Rebbe, Vivian H. Lyons, Daniel Webster, Emily Putnam-Hornstein

Open Access Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Original Article

The Use of Children as a Tactic of Intimate Partner Violence and its Relationship to Survivors’ Mental Health

Kathryn A. V. Clements, Mackenzie Sprecher, Sydney Modica, Michelle Terrones, Katie Gregory, Cris M. Sullivan

Open Access Original Article

Police Officers Do Not Need More Training; But Different Training. Policing Domestic Violence and Abuse Involving Children: A Rapid Review

Annemarie Millar, Michael Saxton, Carolina Øverlien, Ruth Elliffe

Original Article

School Leaders’ Experiences on Dealing with Students Exposed to Domestic Violence

Emily Berger, Natalie Chionh, Amy Miko

COVID-19 Original Article

Daily Stress and Use of Aggressive Discipline by Parents during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Bridget Freisthler, Jennifer Price Wolf, Caileigh Chadwick, Katherine Renick

Original Article

Child Discipline Practices in Kosovo: Attitudes and Sociodemographic Correlates

Kaltrina Kelmendi, Aliriza Arënliu, Teuta Halimi

Original Article

Patterns of Violence Exposure and Substance Use among Child Welfare Involved Youth

Amy S. He, Lisa M. Yarnell, Sheree M. Schrager, Dorian E. Traube

Child Maltreatment Original Article

Breastfeeding Duration and Reported Child Maltreatment in a Population-based Alaskan Birth Cohort

Helena J. Hutchins, Kim G. Harley, Jordyn T. Wallenborn, Barbara Abrams, Rebecca Reno, Jared W. Parrish

Original Article

Development of a Questionnaire on Intentions to Engage in Dating Violence Among Puerto Rican Residents

Diana M. Padilla Medina, Ohad Gilbar, Jessica R. Williams