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International Journal of Implant Dentistry

Issue 1/2018

Content (41 Articles)

Open Access Research

The efficacy of a porcine collagen matrix in keratinized tissue augmentation: a 5-year follow-up study

C. Maiorana, L. Pivetti, F. Signorino, G. B. Grossi, A. S. Herford, M. Beretta

Open Access Research

The influence of systemically or locally administered mesenchymal stem cells on tissue repair in a rat oral implantation model

Miya Kanazawa, Ikiru Atsuta, Yasunori Ayukawa, Takayoshi Yamaza, Ryosuke Kondo, Yuri Matsuura, Kiyoshi Koyano

Open Access Research

Evaluation of dimensional behavior of peri-implant tissues in implants immediately exposed or submerged in fresh extraction and healed sites: a histological study in dogs

Sergio Alexandre Gehrke, Leana Kathleen Bragança, Eugenio Velasco-Ortega, José Luis Calvo-Guirado

Open Access Research

Impact of surgical management in cases of intraoperative membrane perforation during a sinus lift procedure: a follow-up on bone graft stability and implant success

Benedicta E. Beck-Broichsitter, Dorothea Westhoff, Eleonore Behrens, Jörg Wiltfang, Stephan T. Becker

Open Access Research

Cast accuracy obtained from different impression techniques at different implant angulations (in vitro study)

Enas A. Elshenawy, Ahmed M. Alam-Eldein, Fadel A. Abd Elfatah

Open Access Research

Prospective multicenter non-randomized controlled study on intraosseous stability and healing period for dental implants in the posterior region

Shinya Homma, Yasushi Makabe, Takuya Sakai, Kenzou Morinaga, Satoru Yokoue, Hirofumi Kido, Yasutomo Yajima

Open Access Research

The influence of implant–abutment connection on the screw loosening and microleakage

Katsuhiro Tsuruta, Yasunori Ayukawa, Tatsuya Matsuzaki, Masafumi Kihara, Kiyoshi Koyano

Open Access Research

In vitro surface characteristics and impurity analysis of five different commercially available dental zirconia implants

B. Beger, H. Goetz, M. Morlock, E. Schiegnitz, B. Al-Nawas

Open Access Review

A preliminary report on dental implant condition among dependent elderly based on the survey among Japanese dental practitioners

Yuji Sato, Shigeto Koyama, Chikahiro Ohkubo, Shin Ogura, Ryutaro Kamijo, Soh Sato, Jun Aida, Yuichi Izumi, Mihoko Atsumi, Akio Isobe, Shunsuke Baba, Noriharu Ikumi, Fumihiko Watanabe

Open Access Technical Advances Article

Crestal endoscopic approach for evaluating sinus membrane elevation technique

Samy Elian, Khaled Barakat

Open Access Research

3D-evaluation of the maxillary sinus in cone-beam computed tomography

Julia Luz, Dominique Greutmann, Daniel Wiedemeier, Claudio Rostetter, Martin Rücker, Bernd Stadlinger

Open Access Research

Diagnostic ability of limited volume cone beam computed tomography with small voxel size in identifying the superior and inferior walls of the mandibular canal

Hiroko Ishii, Akemi Tetsumura, Yoshikazu Nomura, Shin Nakamura, Masako Akiyama, Tohru Kurabayashi

Open Access Review

Systemic administration of strontium ranelate to enhance the osseointegration of implants: systematic review of animal studies

Cassio Rocha Scardueli, Carolina Bizelli-Silveira, Rosemary Adriana C. Marcantonio, Elcio Marcantonio Jr, Andreas Stavropoulos, Rubens Spin-Neto

Open Access Research

Reusing dental implants?: an experimental study for detecting the success rates of re-osseointegration

Murat Ulu, Erdem Kılıç, Emrah Soylu, Mehmet Kürkçü, Alper Alkan

Open Access Research

Direct activation of platelets by addition of CaCl2 leads coagulation of platelet-rich plasma

Toshihisa Toyoda, Kazushige Isobe, Tetsuhiro Tsujino, Yasuo Koyata, Fumitaka Ohyagi, Taisuke Watanabe, Masayuki Nakamura, Yutaka Kitamura, Hajime Okudera, Koh Nakata, Tomoyuki Kawase

Open Access Research

A 1–7 year retrospective follow-up on consecutively placed 7-mm-long dental implants with an electrowetted surface

Paul S. Rosen, Herman Sahlin, Rudolf Seemann, Ari S. Rosen

Open Access Research

Calprotectin and cross-linked N-telopeptides of type I collagen levels in crevicular fluid from implant sites with peri-implant diseases: a pilot study

Eijiro Sakamoto, Rie Kido, Yoritoki Tomotake, Yoshihito Naitou, Yuichi Ishida, Jun-ichi Kido

Open Access Research

Clinical outcomes following surgical treatment of peri-implantitis at grafted and non-grafted implant sites: a retrospective analysis

Ausra Ramanauskaite, Kathrin Becker, Gintaras Juodzbalys, Frank Schwarz

Open Access Research

Interfacial biomechanical properties of a dual acid-etched versus a chemically modified hydrophilic dual acid-etched implant surface: an experimental study in Beagles

Rainde Naiara Rezende de Jesus, Eunice Carrilho, Pedro V. Antunes, Amílcar Ramalho, Camilla Christian Gomes Moura, Andreas Stavropoulos, Darceny Zanetta-Barbosa

Open Access Research

Spectrophotometric determination of platelet counts in platelet-rich plasma

Yutaka Kitamura, Masashi Suzuki, Tsuneyuki Tsukioka, Kazushige Isobe, Tetsuhiro Tsujino, Taisuke Watanabe, Takao Watanabe, Hajime Okudera, Koh Nakata, Takaaki Tanaka, Tomoyuki Kawase

Open Access Review

The effect of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs on the osteogenic activity in osseointegration: a systematic review

Jie Denny Luo, Catherine Miller, Tamara Jirjis, Masoud Nasir, Dileep Sharma

Open Access Research

Radiographic outcomes following lateral alveolar ridge augmentation using autogenous tooth roots

Puria Parvini, Robert Sader, Didem Sahin, Jürgen Becker, Frank Schwarz

Open Access Research

Implant success and survival rates in daily dental practice: 5-year results of a non-interventional study using CAMLOG SCREW-LINE implants with or without platform-switching abutments

Sven Marcus Beschnidt, Claudio Cacaci, Kerem Dedeoglu, Detlef Hildebrand, Helfried Hulla, Gerhard Iglhaut, Gerald Krennmair, Markus Schlee, Paul Sipos, Andres Stricker, Karl-Ludwig Ackermann

Open Access Review

Efficacy of orthodontic mini implants for en masse retraction in the maxilla: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Kathrin Becker, Annika Pliska, Caroline Busch, Benedict Wilmes, Michael Wolf, Dieter Drescher

Open Access Case Report

Implant therapy for a patient with osteogenesis imperfecta type I: review of literature with a case report

Shamit S. Prabhu, Kevin Fortier, Michael C. May, Uday N. Reebye

Open Access Research

Do we need CBCTs for sufficient diagnostics?-dentist-related factors

Josipa Radic, Raphael Patcas, Bernd Stadlinger, Daniel Wiedemeier, Martin Rücker, Barbara Giacomelli-Hiestand

Open Access Research

Effectiveness and compliance of an oscillating-rotating toothbrush in patients with dental implants: a randomized clinical trial

Giuseppe Allocca, Diana Pudylyk, Fabrizio Signorino, Giovanni Battista Grossi, Carlo Maiorana

Open Access Research

Effect of different angulations and collar lengths of conical hybrid implant abutment on screw loosening after dynamic cyclic loading

Mai Ahmed Yousry El-Sheikh, Tamer Mohamed Nasr Mostafa, Mohamed Maamoun El-Sheikh

Open Access Review

Surgical options in oroantral fistula management: a narrative review

Puria Parvini, Karina Obreja, Robert Sader, Jürgen Becker, Frank Schwarz, Loutfi Salti