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Published in: AIDS and Behavior 6/2024

25-04-2024 | Human Immunodeficiency Virus | Editorial

Expanding the Scope of AIDS and Behavior: Behavioral Infectiology

Author: Seth C. Kalichman

Published in: AIDS and Behavior | Issue 6/2024

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For nearly three decades, AIDS and Behavior has strived to publish high-impact social and behavioral research on every facet of the HIV pandemic. From its start, our journal has focused attention on understanding the social and behavioral dynamics of HIV transmission, risk reduction, testing and treatment [1]. As HIV prevention interventions emerged and diversified, so too did antiretroviral therapies, pushing AIDS and Behavior in new directions. Contributors and readers of AIDS and Behavior stand at the forefront in the fight against HIV, with undeniable progress toward ending AIDS. Still, with 39 million people living with HIV worldwide and more than a million new HIV infections each year, we know that our work is not done. AIDS and Behavior will therefore continue to advance research to end HIV. …
Expanding the Scope of AIDS and Behavior: Behavioral Infectiology
Seth C. Kalichman
Publication date
Springer US
Published in
AIDS and Behavior / Issue 6/2024
Print ISSN: 1090-7165
Electronic ISSN: 1573-3254

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