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Published in: Aesthetic Plastic Surgery 3/2024

29-12-2023 | Fat Grafting | Letter to the Editor

Tuberous Breasts Associated with Chest Wall Deformity: A Challenging Planning for Breast Augmentation

Authors: Leonardo Ioppolo, Mario Alessandri Bonetti, Francesca De Lorenzi

Published in: Aesthetic Plastic Surgery | Issue 3/2024

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Tuberous breast deformity is characterized by a deficiency in the vertical and horizontal dimensions of the breast, as well as breast underdevelopment and asymmetry. Concomitant chest wall deformities are not uncommon and increase the difficulty when planning breast augmentation in such patients. We present a unique case of tuberous breasts and chest wall deformity successfully treated employing a novel technique that incorporated breast implants and fat grafting. A 24-year-old patient with no significant past medical history presented to the plastic surgery clinic seeking correction of a severe breast asymmetry and desiring increase in breast volume. The right breast was Grolleau type 1 cup A, while the left breast was Grolleau type 3 cup C. The left hemithorax presented an accentuated prominence of the costochondral junction of 4th left rib, along with minor prominence of the 3rd and 5th left ribs. In addition, the 5th and 6th ribs were fused together. The surgical plan involved bilateral augmentation with implant and fat grafting. A 285 cc Motiva implant was placed subfascial on the right. Multiple refinements were necessary to the left breast, including areolar reduction, inframammary fold adjustment, and medial glandular modifications. A 140 cc Motiva implant was placed subfascial. Fat grafting was used in both breasts to enhance contour, projection and conceal the chest wall deformity. Postoperative recovery was uneventful, and results at 3-month follow-up showed improved breast symmetry and aesthetics.
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Tuberous Breasts Associated with Chest Wall Deformity: A Challenging Planning for Breast Augmentation
Leonardo Ioppolo
Mario Alessandri Bonetti
Francesca De Lorenzi
Publication date
Springer US
Published in
Aesthetic Plastic Surgery / Issue 3/2024
Print ISSN: 0364-216X
Electronic ISSN: 1432-5241

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