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Other Tumor Entities

6 Cases

A 53-year-old male patient suffers from sudden weakness, fatigue, night sweats and weight loss. The clinical examination reveals a generalised lymphadenopathy. Many years ago, a double melanoma excision had reportedly been performed with inconspicuous follow-up in each case. What is your first suspicion?

An 83-year-old male patient presents with progressive swelling on the left side of the neck that has been present for about half a year. The examination reveals a partly exophytic, partly ulcerated surface of the left tonsil. What is your suspicion?

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A 64-year-old female patient presents with weeks of fatigue, weight loss, persistent productive cough and progressive exertional dyspnoea. Antibiotic therapy had failed to bring about any improvement. What are the differential diagnoses in case of dyspnoea?

A 67-year-old female patient is referred to hospital with increasing pain in her right hip. The radiographic overview of the pelvis shows osteolytic destruction at the greater trochanter. How do you proceed?

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