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Cardiovascular Drugs and Therapy

1997 - 2024
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Issue 3/2024
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About this journal

Designed to objectively cover the process of bench to bedside development of cardiovascular drug, device and cell therapy, and to bring the most necessary information in a timely and concise format, Cardiovascular Drugs and Therapy takes a fresh and energetic look at advances in this dynamic field.

Homing in on the most exciting work being done on new therapeutic agents, Cardiovascular Drugs and Therapy focuses on developments in treatment of hyperlipidemia, diabetes and other cardiometabolic conditions, atherosclerosis, ischemic syndromes, heart failure, cardiomyopathies, valvular heart disease, and arrhythmias. These include mechanisms of action and signaling pathways, their potential for new drug development, novel indications for older drugs, genetic approach to treatment, and new directions in device and cell therapy, interventional and structural heart disease, and cardiac and vascular surgery, as well as their guideline-based utilization in real-world patient populations. The Journal is an authoritative source of current and relevant information that is indispensable for basic and clinical investigators aiming for novel, breakthrough research as well as for cardiologists seeking to best serve their patients.

Cardiovascular Drugs and Therapy is listed in Web of Science and PubMed/Medline among other abstracting and indexing services. The regular articles and frequent special topical issues provide an up-to-date source defined by the need for accurate information on an ever-evolving field. Cardiovascular Drugs and Therapy is a careful and accurate guide for clinicians and researchers to navigate new products and therapies in cardiovascular pharmacology that will remain an essential and timeless resource.

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Cardiovascular Drugs and Therapy
Volume 10/1997 - Volume 38/2024
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